Фотографии Алексея Мазурина / Photographs by Alexey Mazurin - 1893-1901

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Фотографии Алексея Мазурина / Photographs by Alexey Mazurin - 1893-1901 фото

Русская пикториальная фотография.

Алексей Се? Мазурин


Russian pictorial photography

Alexey Sergeevich Mazurin



Tarantella in B-flat minor by Anton Arensky

Alexei Sergeevich Mazurin was a Russian merchant, photographer, philanthropist and

He was born on December 10, 1846 in Moscow in the merchant family of the Mazurins. Having lost his father at the age of four he was brought up by his elder brother Mitrofan Sergeevich.

He received a good primary education.

In the 1860s he studied at the Frankfurt Trade School. Then he traveled to Italy, took a great interest in painting, took lessons from such artists as II Amosov , NA Bryzgalov , NV Nevrev . Returning in the early 1870s to Moscow, he headed the enterprise for sending goods abroad. Since 1900 he was the director of the board of the Reutov Manufactory, run by his brother Mitrofan.

..."In 1870 Mazurin took a great interest in photography. His first works exhibited for sale and published in the magazines " Niva ", " Picturesque Review ", "Illustrated Gazette", "Iskra" and "Russian leaf" and others. Since 1890 he participated in various exhibitions, including international exhibitions, promoting the development of Russian photography. In 1894 he was one of the founders of the Russian Photographic Society, and since 1899 - his member. He was also a participant in the creation of the Moscow Artistic and Photographic Society, a member of the commission for the first congress of Russian figures of photography and a photographic exhibition of the Russian Photographic Society in Moscow. He was a corresponding member of the Hamburg Society of Photography Lovers and an member of the Estonian Society of Amateur Photographers. In 1899 he was elected Member of the French Photographic Society....."

He died in 1920......

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